Saturday, March 29, 2014

hurricane leo

Since Leo has started crawling a month ago, life has definitely gotten more....exciting. My once tidy living room has become a whirlwind of blocks, toy trucks & trains, and endless baby wipes that he rips out of the package with little baby laughs.
                                               at least someone is using my exercise ball.

While crawling, and now standing and walking around tables, chairs and the couch, is wonderful, I have found that I wasn't fully prepared as much as I thought I was. We baby proofed months ago, but had no idea exactly how "into" everything he would be. Hence the old chair, jumper and walker in front of the tv. We have not found a baby gate that fits around the tb stand yet. While the tv is strapped to the wall, it still makes me nervous have him joyfully pulling on the base while giving me smirks. He knows.

 Naps are a good thing. Also still a battle that he will fight until he's so sleepy his eyes cannot stay open.

today was a good day. And tomorrow we will hunt for baby gates.


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