Tuesday, March 25, 2014

a day at grandmas and a day not wasted

Leo and I headed over to my grandmas house today for an afternoon visit. I've always loved going over to her house. From her mac and cheese shag carpet to the way the entire house smells like her perfume.

                                                                      Leo&uncle Randy
It was a fun time. She laid out cheeses and different types of crackers. I am my grandmothers granddaughter, whenever I have company it is a must to lay out a few snacks, even if they go untouched.

After that, Leo and I headed home where Sean was waiting for us, sleeping. We let our hard working 3rd shifter sleep a while later, so we could play and explore the house he's known just 7 months.

I love simple days like today. No countless errands, no piles of laundry, dishes can wait. There's always tomorrow for all that, and if tomorrow it doesn't get done, well that's ok too.

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